About this website

Aaron illustration aims to offer a rather comprehensive understanding of me. This website was created on my own and you would see what I've done in the previous time.

About me

​Being an 'all-rounded person' has been my motto and goal so I'm enthusiastic about exploring new experiences, which motivated me to work in different positions before, and I am also welcome to keep diversifying my work experience in the future too.

As a language student, I have a rather strong sense of using language. For example, I would always be focusing on the coherence among paragraphs and the word choice to generate infectious content. This talent makes me have the confidence to deal with the editorial job or even marketing work since I believe there must be a need for language as long as people want to have an interaction.

My favorite things are using social media and enhancing myself.

I know very well about the trend as I can make good use of social media. Moreover, I would like to acquire new skills or languages in my leisure time. For example, I'm a beginner in Korean and Spanish and what's interesting is that I also consider coding could be one of the languages I acquired.