Computer Programming


Website building


I have created several websites for purposes before (Online shop, School orientation, Official page, etc.).

The examples below were the websites that have higher completeness.



OUHK Orientation Page (draft)

This is my third creation, which aimed to draft a mock orientation page to our school for review (like the items arrangement and necessary pages, etc).

To show the diversified functions and make it more interesting, the website contains lots of interactive functions such as the discussion board and the calendar marker.

aaronwan's work

Energos Tec Limited

This was made during my internship period in Energos Tec Limited (2020). I was responsible for the whole website building, including connecting to the domain server, google analytics, and other SEO tools.

Not only translated the website for an English version, but I was also thinking about how to be a superior website. Therefore, I proactively put a prior conceptual function (Profits Calculator) to save customers' time.